Huttons OneWorld PDPA Client Consent Form

Huttons OneWorld PDPA Client Consent Form

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your support for Huttons OneWorld Sdn Bhd and/or Huttons OneWorld real estate group (the “Group”). We would like to keep your Personal Data and preferred means of communication in order to continue to provide you with our latest news, announcements, invitations, survey requests and other relevant communications as described in greater detail below. In order for us to do so, we kindly ask you to indicate your agreement and consent to all of the below by signing this consent form at the indicated space.

1. Purpose

1.1 You may wish to provide us with some or all of your Personal Data requested in this Form. Please fill in the relevant fields at the top of this Consent Form.

1.2 By signing this Consent Form, you hereby grant the Group and its officers, employee and agents the right to collect your Personal Data and to make use of all of your personal data, which is held by the Group or will be collected in the future, for the purposes of providing the relevant services or complete such transactions which may be required by you from time to time; offering you current and future opportunities and investments in the field of real-estate; to conduct  market research and analysis; for direct marketing through voice calls, text messages, email, direct mail, facsimile messages and other forms of in-app advertisements all in connection with opportunities and investments in the field of real-estate and property. For further details and information please review our Privacy Policy which can be found at

1.3 In addition, you also grant the Group your consent, from time to time, to disclose some or all of your personal data held now or in the future by the Group to the Group’s employees, related corporations, agents, independent contractors and other third parties that the Group is associated with, but only in connection with the purposes mentioned in the paragraph above. We assure you that we will take all measures necessary for the protection of your Personal Data.

2. Contacting You

2.1 To the extent that any of the means of communication which you have provided us (which may include, your mobile, home and fax number) is listed or will be listed in the future on the Do Not Call Registry (“DNC”), you hereby grant the Group your clear and unambiguous consent to contact you using all of the means of communication you have provided to the Group including the means of voice calls, SMS, Whatsapp and MMS The Agency of Choice 

Huttons OneWorld Sdn Bhd – E (1) 1286 Lot 126, No. 126-3-6, Jalan Genting Klang, Metro Genting Klang, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Tel. (603) 4032 2333 | Fax (603) 4032 3313

messages for the above-mentioned purposes. This consent shall be valid until the Group is informed that you wish to withdraw your consent.

2.2 You confirm and agree that the consent you have given in this document does not replace any other consents which you already provided to any member of the Group, and is in addition to any rights the Group has under law in connection with the collection, use and distribution of your personal data. 

3. Withdrawal Of Consent

3.1 You can withdraw some or all of your above consents at any time. For further information please refer to the Privacy Policy as stated above. By signing this Consent Form you hereby also confirm your agreement with all of the above and that you have read and agreed with all terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy. If you have provided personal data of third party/parties in this form, you confirm that you have their consent to disclose their personal data above to the Group for the purposes stated in this Consent Form.

You further undertake to:

(a) Notify the Group if he/she withdraws his/her consent to the use and disclosure of the personal data for the purposes above; and

(b) Assist the Group promptly with all access requests and complaints pertaining to the individual above regarding the use of his/her personal data by the Group.

* “Personal Data” shall mean data, whether true or not, about an individual who can be identified from

(a) that data; or (b) that data and other information which an organization has or is likely to have access. Such Personal Data shall also refer to that which is already in the possession of the Group or that which shall be collected by the Group in the future.

# Optional.