1. Q : New agent how to login in?
    A : Request user ID from admin, password are “passworld321”, change your own password after login.

  2. Q : New agent how to open a new mailbox?
    A : Log in to Webmail Login: http://www.1world.com.my/webmail or http://webmail.1world.com.my than click User name same as agent login ID, password are “password321”, after success create new account, change the password (different with the agent login).

  3. Q : How to upload listing?
    A : After login. Select click PROPERTY, then click ADD NEW PROPERTYfollow the instruction, for 1st time user, kindly also go to EDIT MY PROFILE to add in your own profile.

Kindly follow the step by step as shown below:

Q : How to use resources.
A : After login, click resources, we will be upload the sample format of standard form your reference.

Q : How to send email to other agent to promote own listing/co-broke
A: send to info@1world.com.my

Q : How to edit/delete my property listing?
A : click PROPERTY, select editor delete icon

Q : How to search One world agent listing?
A : Click BUYING OR RENTING at main homepage, or after login, click search, input In the location Name, i.e. “KUALA LUMPUR” than click search

Q : How to contact other agent to co-broke?
A : click the property listing by other agent, click enquiry about this property fill in the contact number and name, send it out, the agent will receive your ENQUIRY

Q : How long shall I wait for my listing upload to internet
A : Immediate after you upload your listing

Q : How many listing can I add in:
A : Unlimited

Q : What is the size of the mailbox?
A : 40MB

Q : What can I received from One world admin/agents
A : Latest news/ bank auction list/ property wanted/property for Co-Broke/training event, announcement.

Q : Shall I check email everyday?
A : Yes

Q : Shall I use One world email to send mail to clients
A : Yes, It’s help you to promote your professional image

Q : Shall I pay anything to maintain the webpage?
A : No, It’s FOC for all active agent.

Q : Any good suggestion can mail to management?
A : Yes, send to info@1world.com.my